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Kristina Novaković  03/11/2022  11:48:23

Payper was the brainchild of the Valentini family who, inspired by the exemplary life of their pilot rescuer friend, decided to devote itself to manufacturing work wear and corporate wear clothing, designed to facilitate the movements of the individual, to protect and equip him/her with garments whose aesthetics are particularly refined, typical of the Italian style.

Today it has a catalogue which includes over two thousand articles, qualified by patents and numerous certifications, which are flanked each year by more than fifty new creations by the Italian R&D department, constantly researching new aesthetic and functional solutions. Productions are managed and subjected to accurate quality controls directly by its staff in the technical offices located in various parts of the world.


Payper is both an Italian and an international company which has acquired great experience in the field of developing models, the procurement of raw materials and the production of professional and casual work wear, with a clear objective: to ensure workers’ performances are safer, more practical, more appealing. Each step of the business activity is characterised by a choice of quality. The total control over the entire production process, from design to logistics, in fact allows reaching high standards which are guaranteed over time. The Payper collections are developed by a very creative and expert Italian R&D team. From research, to style, to development, to packaging, everything is supervised down to the smallest detail.

Production occurs in partner plants in various parts of the world and is certified according to the international protection, safety and social responsibility standards. Payper technical offices, composed of directly employed professionals, are located in the various production areas and, work in total synergy with the Italian Lab & Quality department, ensuring compliance with production standards and working conditions.


Payper has always paid great attention to technological innovation, which is why it ranks among the European excellences in the sector. In its new premises, inaugurated in 2017, Payper has implemented the most advanced solutions in the logistics sector which integrate management systems with the new robotic manufacturing technologies, in order to guarantee the environmental quality of the plants and the well-being at work of the operators whilst improving order management times and increasing productivity at the same time. The whole process is highly coded, thereby eliminating any possibility of error.

Personal Protective Equipment

Most Payper items are certified as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and guarantee end users the right to health and safety in the workplace. These products are compliant with Regulation EU 2016/425, which repeals and replaces the previous European Directive 89/686/CEE that remains valid for products already in circulation

Harmlessness – Protective clothing must not have a negative impact on the user’s health and hygiene. Payper has many years of cooperation with partners who use fabrics in accordance with STANDARD 100 issued by OEKO-TEX.

Mechanical strength – Tests carried out on Payper articles have proven values ​​higher than those stipulated by the regulations on resistance to cracking, tearing and stretching, which is the result of careful selection of materials, which are robust and provide protection.

Variation in dimensions – At the end of the wash cycle, the variation in dimensions of articles classified as PPE must not exceed 3% for woven fabrics and 5% for knitted fabrics. As well as having excellent levels of dimensional variation, Payper garments can be washed at 40˚C and have high color fastness over time.

The companies Albo and Payper established cooperation in 2018, and in our offer you can find:

  • T-shirts for woman, man and kids
  • Polo shirts with long and short sleeves
  • Hoodies
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Winter jackets
  • Waistcoats

Corporate Social Responsibility

Do to create / Be to share / Fly to dream: these are the values which drive the Payper group and that permeate the entire production chain, because having the knowledge to create new products, sharing this with others and dreaming of new and increasingly challenging futures is an inclusive mission which is achieved thanks to the positive and responsible contribution of all the people and partner realities involved. This is why, long ago, Payper included the themes of Corporate Social Responsibility in its governance, undertaking a fruitful journey of international certifications and best practices aimed at qualitative, sustainable and ethical development. All this translates into the ability to integrate our business activities with respect and protection for the interests of the communities with which we relate, but also with the protection of environmental resources, preserving these for future generations.

The corporate objective, in the medium term, is to reach 100% production of ethically certified garments through a chain which is entirely controlled, from the raw materials, to the processes and the finished product. Already, participation in the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals program ensures that all Payper production falls within the parameters set by the European REACH regulation (EC no 1907/2006) which records, evaluates, authorises and restricts the use of chemical substances. New lines of t-shirts and sweatshirts made exclusively with organic cotton will also be launched, produced according to the criteria dictated by the non-profit organization Better Cotton, which aims to make global cotton production more sustainable for the environment and for the people involved in the manufacturing process.

The Payper group has implemented choices to reduce the emission of CO2: our headquarters are in fact 100% powered by renewable (solar) energy and we have chosen the latest generation transport, air and naval companies, with low energy consumption and environmental impact.

People and the well-being of the community are at the centre of the responsible vision of the Payper group, which has always operated in accordance with equal opportunities, multiculturalism, protection of the health and well-being of the worker and his/her family. Every year, the company supports, with a voluntary fund, expenses related to education, training and specialised medical care. It also offers its equipment for social and public interest initiatives, such as scientific expeditions, humanitarian aid to the Red Cross and to populations affected by natural disasters and sports events to raise awareness on prevention and medical research.




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