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AC 200 – rope thickness ø12

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Ropes used as vertical or horizontal lines of life in combination with other elements of anti-fall equipment. The AC 200 is thinner (ø12 mm) and is compatible with the AC 040 Blockmax device. AC 100 is thicker (ø14 mm) and used with AC 010 device. These ropes terminate either in an eye which is intended for further connection and which also prevents the automatic brake from slipping off it, or by a knot which has only the aforementioned function. Also, this construction once again emphasizes to the user that any connection to structural points through wrapping, tying knots and the like is prohibited in the anti-fall equipment. EN 352-2 Available in lengths: 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m

  • Art. ZPP-AC20010 - thickness ø12 mm, length 10 m
  • Art. ZPP-AC20020 - thickness ø12 mm, length 20 m
  • Art. ZPP-AC20030 - thickness ø12 mm, length 30 m
  • Art. ZPP-AC20040 - thickness ø12 mm, length 40 m
  • Art. ZPP-AC20050 - thickness ø12 mm, length 50 m