OREAD OIL BOOMS (Bariboom 4 MS booms)

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Tubes for containment and absorption of spills on the ground and on water, prevent the spread of accidents and successfully absorb spilled substances. The special feature of the tubes is that they float on water and prevent oil from spreading on the water surface while absorbing it. The same procedure is applicable on solid surfaces. Advantages: • the string is carried along the entire length for easy installation and removal • strong metal rings allow connecting tubes in a chain • strong absorption power makes cleaning easier and faster • polypropylene filling is waterproof and chemical resistant, containing and absorbing spills in a variety of environments even when saturated • tough outer shell protects them from obstacles and debris and makes them pliable • absorb oil and oil derivatives including lubricants and fuels without absorbing water • they can be used on the ground but also float and serve to prevent spreading and collect spills on water • clear white color for easier visibility in the environment. Dimensions: 300 x 13 cm Absorption: 160 l (per package) Weight: 10 kg Pieces per package: 4

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